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urns, prince of wales, dumfries hse.
get a head, replacement, taplow ct
new lantern leaves
letterset headstone
new lion head
carved panel fireplace
memorial for Light Dragoons
the queen gets a hand
new head, Taplow court
step detail
new hand, queens college oxford
six new grotesques
dharma wheel and deer
new head, Caen stone
granite headstone
slate gresham plaque
Saxon arches
carved detail for headstone base
new lantern leaf
Taplow facade
step, Cliveden
fixing the face
Cliveden advert
SGI logo
carved crocket
carved patera
awaiting to be fixed
lanterns, Christchurch Cathedral
new face, Taplow
two new angels
angel detail
new crockets, and finial
new capitol, tyntesfield orangery
label stop head, taplow court
new lion head and paws, portland st.
new hand, statues at blenheim
westminster heads for chapterhouse
capitol fixed, queens college oxford
westminster stiff leaf carvings
commission of poetry carved in slate
letter carving, south hayes hse
new carved patera, taplow ct.
fixed capitol, tyntesfield orangery
pine cone finial, rode
vaughan plaque,westminster cathedral
the finished lions, wandsworth
meeting the maker
lantern leaf, christchurch cathedral
working in studio
delicate work, westminster cathedral
portrait modelling,westminster abbey
sculpting dharma wheel, manjushri
lantern leaves, christchurch cath.
corinthian capitol section
hand carved lettering, south hayes
replacement angels, taplow court
finial, taplow court
adding name to headstone
commission for slate carving
new shoulder, queens college, oxford
maquette for lions, wandsworth
carving lions, wandsworth
carving lioness, wandsworth
fixing new carved head, taplow ct.
carved patera leaf
new angel fixed, taplow ct.
working on features, taplow ct.
roughing out the lions, wandsworth
finishing angel at studio, taplow ct
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